Spring is HERE

There's a number of different things to do to prepare your lawn for the upcoming season. From dethatching, fertilization, garden bed preparation and full spring clean-ups, there's a lot to do before school is out for the summer! 

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Dethatching is critical each and every spring. This service is able to pull out the dead grass from your property and allow your lawn to breathe. By taking out the thatch from the grass roots, you are allowing space for green grass to grow and for fertilization beads to fall. Worried that some areas of your lawn are still in need of some TLC? We also hand rake areas that are more compact than the rest. Dethatching also cleans up all of the debris that has fallen onto your property throughout the winter: leaves, pesky acorns, twigs and more. 

Garden Bed Care

Throughout the spring, it is important to clean out your garden beds of all dead leaves and debris to allow sunlight to reach your perennials. Seeing that each lawn has different needs, some may need light weeding, edging and if your looking to spruce up your property, maybe some mulch and a few new flowers!


The first round of fertilizer that should be put down on your property is RD1. This round includes a premium balanced fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass control (barricade) and broad leaf weed controls. In simpler terms, this application helps prevent crabgrass and allows for your lawn a quick green up from a confusing winter.