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It all started when Katheryn was an eleven year old girl. 

In 2010 DeMarey Landscaping kicked off their first official year of operation. Four years prior, DeMarey Landscaping wasn’t even a thought of the future. Katheryn, the founder of the company, had only set out to show her parents she was responsible – with the end goal being able to try-out for a travel soccer team. Being 11 years old, she never imagined that this determination would turn into a business.

She began by passing out flyers that said ‘odd jobs’.  It started off with one phone call from an older gentleman and everything seemed to go up from there. By the time Katheryn entered high school, she had so many people calling for some extra help that one of her friends started to work with her to help deal with the demand. In Katheryn's sophomore year during a discussion with her dad, she noticed that most of her clients seemed to be asking for help outside. A few days later she came home from school and was surprised to see that her father had left business cards on the kitchen table with “DeMarey Landscaping” written right on them - the official start of the company.

By junior year, Katheryn had purchased an enclosed trailer and moved onto college. She debated about keeping the business running but with the encouragement from her client base and support from her family, she found a way to run it remotely. During her first year in college she purchased her first truck and second zero turn mower, became fully insured and put all her employees on an official payroll. By senior year she managed an average of 8 employees and serviced around 350 clients on a yearly basis. Now in 2019, DeMarey Landscaping is still currently growing.