Each lawn has different needs. Let us create you a custom plan to keep your grass healthy and green all season long. 

RD1: Spring Visit (April): Includes a premium balanced fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass control (barricade) and broad leaf weed controls

RD2: Late Spring Visit (May):  Includes a premium balanced fertilizer, pre-emergent as well as post emergent crabgrass controls (dimension) and broad leaf weed controls

RD3: Early Summer Visit (June): Includes a premium balanced Fertilizer, post-emergent with broadleaf weed control for Crabgrass, Violets, Clover and other trouble weeds.  Potassium is also included in fertilizer to help provide root strength throughout the duration of the summer.

GRUB CONTROL: Optional but highly recommended application (applied with RD 2 or 3). This one time application is guaranteed to protect your lawn against any and all grub damage for the entire season. If by chance there is a mishap with grubs after we have applied our applications, we will address the problem for FREE and take care of any damages caused by grubs.


RD4: Summer Visit (July): Includes a premium balanced fertilizer, broadleaf weed control for summer annuals, post emergent crabgrass control and spot treatment for the weed Nutsedge as needed.

RD5: Early Fall Visit (Aug/Sept): Includes a premium balanced fertilizer, broadleaf weed controls and helps put your property to bed for the long winter ahead!

Lime Application: Highly recommended for New England lawns once a year. This product helps keep the pH levels of your lawn balanced. Lawn soils in the Northeast are naturally more acidic than others, so lime is very important to provide a healthy green lawn. This application will also help the reception and effectiveness of fertilizers and weed controls as well as improve root development within each property.

Pest Control

Tick and Flea Repellent: Another great application to ensure the safety of your friends, family and pets all year long! This program is designed to help eliminate active fleas and ticks and combat new eggs as they continue to hatch. We recommend this application two to three times a year for optimal results.

Mosquito Control: Our newest application is Mosquito Control. This service is recommended monthly, but if you’re having an outside party or event we would be happy to make sure none of your guests have to fight off mosquitoes! Since adult mosquitoes are the ones to reproduce, this control will target and eliminate adult mosquitoes and create an enjoyable outdoor space.   No adults = no eggs = NO MOSQUITOES. Not only are mosquitoes an annoyance, but they also have the ability to carry and transmit disease. Our Mosquito Control applications are highly effective and we guarantee your satisfaction.


Partnered with TruGreen, we guarantee only the best.