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Shrub Trimming

Keeping your shrubs trimmed throughout each season is a key part of improving health and keeping shape year after year.  By pruning your shrubs the right way at the right time, you are able to enhance plant growth, reduce disease and insect infestations, improve flowering and fruiting and maintain the overall health of the plant.For pruning to be effective, it is best to stay on a seasonal schedule.

The best time to trim hedges can vary depending on the type of the shrub. Tall grasses are typically trimmed in the fall while Clematis should be trimmed in the spring and Wisteria in the early summer. 

Hydrangeas for example, have many different types of variations. Paniculata and Smooth types of Hydrangea's can be trimmed back in both the fall, winter or spring. Endless Summer Hydrangeas on the other hand should not be cut back after August 1st. These types of hydrangeas bloom all summer long starting from May and ending in early August. Your trimming schedule will effect how many times and when your shrubs are blooming! 

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