Enjoy Your Summer

After working hard all day long, you deserve to come home to a well maintained property or take a trip to the beach!


Weekly, Bi-weekly or Vacation Lawn Care

Having your property on a consistent mowing schedule keeps your lawn healthy all season long. We pride ourselves on keeping an eye your lawns length. If it looks like the heat is getting the best of your grass, we won't mow. DeMarey Landscaping also provides Vacation Lawn Care - where we will maintain your property for you while you are away without having to set up a yearly contract!

Garden Bed Care

Throughout the spring, it is important to clean out your garden beds of all dead leaves and debris to allow sunlight to reach your perennials. Seeing that each lawn has different needs, some may need light weeding, edging and if your looking to spruce up your property, maybe some mulch and a few new flowers!


The third round of fertilizer that should be put down on your property is RD3. This round includes a premium balanced fertilizer, broadleaf weed control for summer annuals as well as post emergent crabgrass control. Our application also includes spot treatment for the pesky weed, Nutsedge as needed.